Three Medieval Ciboriums

Marie angoulvant ciboriums web

Ciborium assets modeled and textured by me, velvet shader adapted from SubstanceShare


Ciborium, Spanish

Ciborium, German

Ciborium, Limoges

Marie angoulvant ciboriums ref

Each ciborium with the original reference photo. In certain cases, broken pieces had to be replaced, along with chipped or missing enamel plates. Missing or deteriorated items were rebuilt based on examples of similar artifacts.

Three Medieval Ciboriums

Three 14th century ciboriums, created for an Histopad project at Histovery.

Each are a replica of an existing piece, from Spain, Germany, and France, respectively. The goal was to recreate each item as it would have looked in the 14th century when it was first built, maintaining the unique aspects of each. I had a lot of fun with all the shapes and designs on these.
All three are low poly, for in-app use, and all the texturing and normals were created with Substance Painter.