Still Life with Medieval box and Reliquary

Marie angoulvant stilllife web

Sill life based on the work of Dutch master Claez Willem Claesz

Reliquary Cup Turntable

Small Metal-Covered Chest turntable

Small metal-covered chest. The images embossed in the metal are various scenes of medieval courtly love.

Marie angoulvant stilllife refpainting

My main inspiration photos for this piece. I aimed to recreate the composition and lighting as closely as possible

Marie angoulvant stilllife ref

Both medieval objects with their reference. In the case of the metal-chest, damaged areas were "repaired" according to reference and techniques of the time.

Still Life with Medieval box and Reliquary

Wanted to try something new! Here is a still life inspired by the works of Dutch Master Pieter Claesz. It certainly makes a bit of a strange historical jump, with the reliquary and chest being from 14th century France, while the overall painting's style is from 17th century Holland, but it was a fun exercise none the less. The medieval chest and reliquary were created for an Histopad project at Histovery, where they will, of course, be used in a much more historically-appropriate context.
The metal-covered chest, in particular, was a really interesting prop to make. The base is wood, but metal sheets with repeating patterns have been fastened to all sides of it, often with little regard for how the patterns would flow or be cut up. The four scenes are common scenes of courtly love.

Both medieval pieces are low poly, for in-app use, and all the texturing and normals were created with Substance Painter.