Airborne Museum- briefing room

Marie angoulvant back

View of the entrance to the briefing room.

Marie angoulvant front

View of the front of the briefing room.

Inside a WW2 briefing room, located in England.

Marie angoulvant closeup

Closeup of the two formation diagrams. I redrew them based on notes and diagrams provided by the museum.

Marie angoulvant furniture

Chair, tables, and wastebasket.

Marie angoulvant stove

Due to their quick construction (and the rainy English weather!), briefing rooms were notoriously cold. Cast-iron stoves were installed to keep soldiers warm.

Marie angoulvant charts

Organizational charts created to help visitors understand the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions. Designed using the patches of each Regiment, Battalion and Company.

Trailer for the HistoPad Airborne project! Featuring work by the whole team at Histovery!

Airborne Museum- briefing room

Full environment of a WW2 briefing room. We worked with the museum to create something fully historically accurate, while highlighting various organizational charts and maps for visitors.

Projector, phone, and desk lamp from turbosquid, all other elements created by me. Responsible for all aspects, including modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, and compositing.
The two divisional charts were created by me, and the Mission Albany and Mission Boston posters were created by Raphael Marchou at Histovery. All other posters, decorations, and magazines are historical documents and images!
For more information on Histovery and the Histopad at the Airborne Museum, check out our website here- or come visit the Airborne Museum in Normandy

Thanks to Michèle Boyer for her help compositing the C47

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