Airborne Museum- field hospital

Marie angoulvant render

The final closeup.

Marie angoulvant wireframe
Marie angoulvant operatingtable

Operating table, which could be adjusted flat or leaning for the patient, or folded up for transport.

Marie angoulvant boxshelf

Box shelves. Each chest contained the necessary materials for one shelf, which could be unpacked and built as needed.

Marie angoulvant firstaidkit

First aid kits, and other small medical items. Boxes contain a variety of medicines and bandages, the medical tags would have been used to keep track of patients.

Marie angoulvant sterilizer

Coleman Sterilizer N. 527, used to sterilize forceps, scalpels, and other equipment.

Trailer for the HistoPad Airborne project! Featuring work by the whole team at Histovery!

Airborne Museum- field hospital

A closeup view inside a field hospital tent, for the Airborne Museum Histopad project. We worked with the historians and curator at the Airborne Museum of Sainte Mere Eglise to create a scenes that is fully historically accurate, based on the military hospital at La Colombiere.

Responsible for all aspects, including modeling, texturing, and rendering

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