Reliquary Arm of St. Valentine

Marie angoulvant stvalentine web

Reliquary created in Maya, cloth made in Marvelous Designer, all textured in Substance Painter. Lights created with photos of the Rose Windows from the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Chartres.

Reliquary of St. Valentine turntable

Marie angoulvant stvalentin ref

Finished asset and it's original reference photo. Lots of small tweaks happened in order to make the reliquary look the way it would have when it was first built, though the most fun was the re-creation of the bone relic, which has been lost.

Reliquary Arm of St. Valentine

Replica of the 14th century Reliquary Arm of St. Valentine, created for an Histopad project at Histovery.

I loved working on this artifact! It has so many cool shapes.

Model is low poly, for in-app use, and all the texturing and normals were created with Substance Painter.